What is SOHO Juice Co.™? 
Do you have the nutrition facts on your bowls? 
What are the hours of operation? 
Will you have special holiday hours?
Do you offer catering services?
How can I purchase gift cards?


Do you offer the same menu at each location?
What is the Unlimited Toppings Smoothie Bowl? 
What are the bases you can choose from for the Unlimited Toppings Smoothie Bowl?
How many toppings can you choose from for the Unlimited Bowl?
Do you offer kid friendly items?


What are the benefits of chia seeds?
What is the difference between Açaí and Tropical Pitaya?
What ingredients do you make in-house?


Do you accept cash payment?
Do you offer contactless pick up?
Is your SOHO app free to download?
What makes Lake Mary different? Why is it a SOHOexpress location?
Does SOHO Juice offer call ahead ordering?
How do you order at Lake Mary?
Does Lake Mary have a drive-thru?

Hands On

What is Hands On?


Do the rewards expire?
How do I update my account information?
If I have additional questions about the rewards program, who can I contact?
Where can I earn and redeem rewards?


How can I apply for a job at SOHO Juice Co.™?
How do I make a request for a donation?